Sunday, January 27, 2013

Reducing Energy Consumption When Cooking

 As part of a larger re-branding effort headed by the collaborative efforts of Brand Design, Sigma College of Small Business, and RevBuilders Marketing, EnviroSolutions, Inc. recently launched a re-designed website. The new website comes after numerous efforts by all parties to redefine the company’s image in order to help it compete with the other major players in the industry, such as Waste Management.

“I don’t think most people are aware of which company manages the waste at their home or place of business,” says Scot Small, President of RevBuilders Marketing. “That means that they aren’t considering the possibility of there being a better way. We tried to capture the different efforts which ESI makes to be environmentally friendly as part of the re-branding and redesigned their website with this focus in mind, while also giving their site a much needed overhaul in terms of functionality and style.”

“We’re excited to be launching our new website,” says Gary Hewes, Vice President of EnviroSolutions, Inc. “RevBuilders Marketing worked closely with us to develop the new website. They made the process smooth from design to launch, making it easy for us to get our message out.”

Many municipalities throughout the country encourage recycling through education-based initiatives, and many of these are sponsored by local waste companies like EnviroSolutions, Inc. These businesses are also often the first to apply new methods to reducing the overall volume of waste which is put into a landfill, as well as new ways of harvesting useful natural resources such as biogas and water from the landfills. “It’s an important job that ESI has,” says Small. “We hope our efforts allow them to provide their services to even more of the people who need it.”

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About Sigma College of Small Business
Sigma College of Small Business is a business development consultant agency and social media marketing trainer. Founded by Jamie Gorman in 2008, the company is concerned with helping businesses improve how they meet management, financial, strategic and marketing needs for their company. After several years working with small business owners in his spare time, Gorman realized the need for practical, convenient and affordable business management education for small business owners. Visit for more information.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Health Tips from DOCTOR: Anal itching in children

 Healthspring World Clinic

Quite often we hear parents saying “Recently I have seen my little child scratching her bottom. Sometimes she can’t get to sleep because she stays up scratching so much. I check to make sure she’s wiped well enough after going potty, so I don’t know what else could be causing this.”

You’re right to check to make sure she’s thoroughly wiped, since this is one of the most common causes of anal itching in young children, especially those who are just learning to use the potty. Other common causes of anal itching are:

• Pinworms

• Fungal and bacterial  infections of anus

• Diarrhoea

• Reaction to detergents

• Irritation caused by spicy food or citrus juice.

What are pinworms?

Pinworms are small, white worms (Enterobius vermicularis)  that infest the intestines. The worms, which look like quarter-inch-long pieces of dental floss, can be seen wiggling around the anus and in the stool.

Pinworms are most common in school-age kids, but any age child, even babies, can get them, especially if they go to daycare or have siblings who have pinworm infestation.

How can I tell if my child has pinworms?

If your child has pinworms, he’ll scratch his anus maximum at night. Irritated skin around the anus (and sometimes vaginal itching, in girls) can also be a clue. Pinworms occasionally cause nausea and vomiting, too.

Make sure that the area stays clean. Those new to potty training may need some help for a while until they get the hang of wiping properly (front to back) . If your child is a baby, he won’t be able to tell you what the problem is, of course, but disturbed sleep and fussiness caused by nighttime itching are big tip-offs.

Pinworm infection is easy to treat and reinfection happens because of failure to wash hands properly after toilet and before eating any food. It is absolutely necessary that the fingernails should be trimmed often.

Bacterial and fungal infections around anus need to be treated with proper antibiotics.

Other issues can be treated at home:

If your child consumes a lot of spicy foods or citrus juices, try eliminating them from the diet for a couple of weeks and see if the situation improves.

Try using dye-free, perfume-free soap on your child’s undergarments. Make sure you aren’t using fabric softener, which can also cause irritation to these sensitive areas.

 There are a variety of anti-itch creams (usually containing hydrocortisone) that can safely be used in the area. These are for external use only and you should first consult with your paediatrician about proper usage and dose.